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Come and get “connected”

The Bridge Family "FRIENDSHIP CIRCLES" exists to intentionally provide an environment for connection, care, community and spiritual formation.

Our Leaders are committed disciples of Christ; they are committed to the vision and values of our Bridge Family; they are committed to care personally and corporately for the needs of their small group.

We have a Friendship Circle just for you…

Though people come to the church for many different reasons they generally stay for only one - friendships.
At The Bridge on Taunton we place a high premium on group life since we believe that small groups are the best context for developing solid Christian friendships. In a small group, you have the opportunity to not only be loved and accepted, but to develop friendships with others who are discovering what it means to follow Jesus! A Friendship Circle…

Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I have to know a lot about the Bible to be a part of a Friendship Circle?

The primary focus of a Friendship Circle is to care for one another based on Biblical principles. As your group grows, you will discover those Biblical principles.

Am I expected to pray out loud at my Friendship Circle?

Not unless you choose to. Friendship Circles are intended to provide a safe environment where individual comfort levels are respected. People are not expected to share beyond their comfort levels.

Where do these groups meet?

Most groups meet in homes in the Durham area. A few of our groups meet at the church while some meet at a restaurant or coffee shop.

How often do these groups meet?

Each group decides whether they will meet together every week or every 2 weeks.